When it comes to management of an eCommerce website, search engine ranking and management soon becomes far more important. Indeed, search engine optimization is probably the biggest driver between success and failure with eCommerce.

If you build a website around the right kind of plans and styles then you are far less likely to have problems later on down the line.

Here, we’ll take a brief look at how you can manage SEO with eCommerce websites to get the utmost return on your investment in the years to come;

  • Make sure that you take into account the importance of keyword research, for eCommerce it’s a major driver of success. Find keywords for your homepage but also for your product pages so that you can find high, effective matches to write about into product descriptions and titles for higher SEO performance.
  • Be sure to look at your competition, too. What kind of keywords are they going for? Be sure to investigate their ‘Page Authority’ levels which are very important to determining what levels of success you are likely to get. There’s lots to consider about your competitors such as how they lay their website out and how it manages to stay different to your own. It’s best to bring in a search engine expert to help you investigate your opposition so you can get ahead.
  • Pick up the Screaming Frog add-on to help you find out how your website is running. It will spot any errors and it will help you deal with issues like 404 errors, 302 redirects and changing duplicate content. Also, you want to take a look at your website speed as you have around 3 seconds, at most, for your site to load before people leave.
  • Be sure to consider the on-page optimization of your eCommerce website, too. This is a very important factor and means you need to have a website which is easy to use, smartly coded, is linked together effectively, has keyword optimization on each page and also has plenty of custom reviews and social media integration. It’s hard work to do all of this but they are the vital factors of any good eCommerce website. On-page optimization is so varied that outsourcing it to a search engine optimization expert is likely to yield far more positive results than you will get here.
  • Take a deeper look at the structure of your site – there is so much to consider that it can become quite daunting to manage. Using tools such as LucidChart, you can build an easy to follow chart that lets you see where every part of your website leads to. This will help you notice if there are any architectural issues that you might need to consider.

There’s much more to also think about with an eCommerce website but for ranking effectively and following smart SEO practice, taking this all into account should help you maintain a comfortable and SEO-friendly website.

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