What is Off-site SEO?

We’ll take a look at what makes off-site SEO such a prevailing part of ranking philosophy and why it plays a major role in helping you rise up the search engines and become the #1 choice.


Off-site SEO

At Bedford SEO, we regularly speak with local Bedford clients who are unsure about how to improve their ranking on a search engine. This is done through SEO – search engine optimisation – but SEO has many facets to it that most don’t take the time to appreciate and understand. One of the major aspects of SEO is that it comes in two forms – on-site SEO and off-site SEO. In this section, we’ll take a look at what makes off-site SEO such a prevailing part of ranking philosophy and why it plays a major role in helping you rise up the search engines and become the #1 choice!

What Does Off-site SEO Entail?

Put simply, off-site SEO is all about promoting your website away from its own lands. This is to help you become more of a ‘brand’ and to raise your potential for networking and general improvement later on down the line. You’ll be attracting new visitors via third party websites and various other assets to help you become a more rounded page, capable of being found through more than one avenue.

This is a long-term process and optimisation via off-site SEO means more than just doing it once. It requires you to come back time and time again to create new content that is going to help you improve. This might sound time consuming, but with the help of an off-site SEO group like ourselves here at SEOSCAN Bedford, it can become a very affordable and effective way to get yourself more clients long-term.

Here are just some of the ideologies that you need to use to be a success with off-site SEO to improve your ranking naturally;

  • Content marketing – this is a vital part of off-site SEO. You’ll be providing other websites and blogs with cool content for free with the idea of getting a link back in exchange. You give them something awesome for free and they give you long-term clients!


  • Reaching out – Reaching out to companies that are relevant to you but not a direct competitor can help form a strong partnership. This is another big part of off-site SEO as when someone starts talking about your website elsewhere, it helps your traction “back home”.


  • Press release – A bit of positive PR can be a good thing to do and this is a great way to share everything from company opinion to major events right through to releases of new products and services. Again, it helps to build traction and improves the professional look of your marketing, encouraging rankings to improve.


  • Directories – This is another vital part of off-site SEO rankings. Directories help you get found with relative ease and offer a way for others to review your business and improve your reputation (and rankings) further.


  • PPC – Pay-per-click marketing is very powerful and can be a great way to help you increase your profile within your budget.

Off-site SEO takes in many other factors, too, such as video marketing, networking websites, forum marketing, social media management, banner advertising and even link exchanges. All of these factors will play a critical role in your business being a major success with both on-site and off-site optimisation efforts.

If you need more information or assistance in making your off-site SEO tick, contact our team today for further help.

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