What is SEO?

If you have a Bedford based company, and the time has come to get people noticing it then it could be time to start looking at an SEO campaign. We know that it can be quite easy to get swept up in the confusion of what all the services and terms mean so everyone here at Bedford SEO speak to you in terms that you will understand.
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can be a big job, so rather than becoming overwhelmed, turn to us at Bedford SEO!


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Search Engine Optimisation

Don’t build yourself up to an anti-climax by having a brand new website built without any way of pushing it out to people when it is live. SEO can range from aiming for local keywords, right through to national and is something that shouldn’t be over looked. Search engine optimisation can be tricky to master on your own, let’s delve into what ‘SEO’ actually is and what we do here at Bedford SEO!

What is SEO?

Put simply, SEO is a ranking campaign that an expert carries out for you with the idea of getting your website up the rankings on search engines. This is arguably the most powerful client generation tool on the planet, as billions of searches are logged every month on the web. To this end, the more optimised your website is for a search engine – following very specific criteria – the higher up the rankings you will go.

Does This Involve Keywords?

You’ve no doubt heard people talking about keywords when discussing optimisation and search engine ranking improvement. Keywords are the specific terms that will be used organically throughout the pages of your website, with content and media built around them. When people search for these keywords, our SEO should help you get further up the listings and therefore noticed! For example, if you wanted to reach more Bedford based clients, you would tweak your content and keywords to include Bedford related search terms.

To begin with, most SEO consultations will begin with basic SEO audit plans. An expert will come and speak with you and consult on the best way to move forward. Every website is different and every project has its own strengths, weaknesses and barriers that must be overcome.

Whilst a basic website audit might just be one or two pages, others could stage into multiple pages and showcasing huge plans for what has to be carried out. Depending on your catchment area, Bedford for example, and various other aspects, an audit could be as simple as re-defining your content and building it towards one particular set of keywords.

Others could need various backend parts of the website dealt with. These two forms of SEO are usually known as on-site and off-site SEO.

Also, a website audit will take into account how powerful your link building strategy is.

SEO Management

A strong part of organic ranking and SEO in general, is all about creating a range of backlinks to your website. By having access to other websites talking about you and linking back to you, it serves two major purposes;

  • People can then find you through these backlinks when visiting these other pages.
  • The search engine ranking algorithms will treat you as more relevant as you are networking with other people in your niche.

Additionally, you have to consider things like coding optimisation and content writing, both of which serve vital roles in making sure that, in time, your website has the potential to succeed. In general SEO covers the ranking management of your website and concentrates on building the solid foundations needed to find success.

It can be a long and arduous journey, but it helps to know about SEO as it offers an incredible level of potential for lead generation in the long-term. An SEO expert such as ourselves at SEOSCAN Bedford can help you create refreshing SEO-friendly content, manage the coding to help you improve your ranking and help you create a strong web of networking via back linking and various other techniques.

Whats Your SEO Score?